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Randall race parts offers brake rotor and pad bedding for your racing needs.  Using our computerized bedding machine, we can pre-bed your rotors and pads to your specifications.  We strive to have the fastest turn around times in the industry and the most competitive prices around.


Randall Race Parts offers a complete RACING caliper inspection and rebuilding service.   All calipers are thoroughly inspected for signs of internal wear and any type of damage.

Randall Race Parts typically will replace any parts that are required to put your caliper back into good working order.
Standard caliper rebuilds include:

  • Cleaning the calipers
  • Inspecting pad abutment plates
  • Removing caliper pistons and inspect for wear
  • Removing all piston seals and replace with factory spec seals
  • Inspecting piston bores for wear
  • Inspecting caliper bridge pipe assembly
  • Checking torque on any caliper bolts
  • Reassembling caliper
  • Pressuring test caliper


Randall Race Parts does complete brake and clutch master cylinder rebuilding and testing in our facility, located in Mooresville, NC.  During our rebuilding process, we disassemble your master cylinder and inspect it for excessive wear internally, which includes the bore and all moving parts. We replace all seals and other required parts to put your master cylinder in top working condition.

Additionally, we then perform pressure tests on the master cylinder to assure that it is in proper working condition. Should your master cylinder be in a condition which is not cost effective to repair; we also stock most master cylinder sizes and types for quick delivery to you.

Your master cylinder balance bar set up is one of the most important aspects of your brake system.  At Randall Race Parts we can rebuild your master cylinders as well as suggest the brake pad combinations that will work best with your cylinders so you get the feel and stopping power you want.