Genesis Technologies High Temp Rotor Paint.
Single 1oz bottle. Paint changes color as temps increase.

Controlling brake rotor temperatures is the easiest way to improve lap times. This allows the brake pads and rotors to operate in their optimal temperature range, therefore increasing the frictional coefficient and decreasing stopping distances. Rotor and pad temperatures greatly affect the braking performance of the vehicle. Too high of a temperature or too low of a temperature greatly reduce the frictional coefficient of the brake pad. Most race and semi-race compound pads require a temperature range of 300° to 800° Celsius. The Brake Temperature Paint delivers the widest temperature range in one bottle. Temperature readings from 0° to 671°+ Celcius (0° to 1239° Fahrenheit) are displayed over a six color change spectrum from cold to hot. The bottle features a Metal Cap with a Horsehair Brush for quick and easy application on any surface, such as rear end housings, transmission cases, brake rotors or exhaust pipes. Packaged in a plastic carrying jar, the bottle also a features brake temperature color code guide for quick temperature references. Simply apply paint evenly to a clean, grease free surface allowing it to dry to touch. To remove the used paint off of a surface, use a disposable towel with brake cleaner and wipe off the remaining paint material.


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